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    Jody Goldberg authored
    2000-06-28  Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>
    	* src/functions/fn-sheet.c (GNUMERIC_VERSION) : new function.
    	* src/workbook.c (workbook_do_destroy) : No need to release the
    	  clipboard here.  The Sheet does it for us.
    	* src/workbook-format-toolbar.c : Add Fill to the default money
    	* src/symbol.c : The only symbols are functions.  The global table
    	  should not be world visible.
    	* src/sheet.c (sheet_flag_status_update_cell) : Take a CellPos.
    	(sheet_get_extent_cb) : Use Cell::pos rather than adding an
    	(cb_set_cell_content) : Use StyleFormat.
    	(sheet_cell_set_value) : Call sheet_flag_status_update_cell.
    	(sheet_cell_set_value) : Ditto.
    	(sheet_destroy) : Prepare to clear out named expressions.
    	(colrow_move) : Handle changes in cell_relocate signature.
    	(sheet_move_range) : Ditto.
    	* src/sheet-autofill.c : Use StyleFormats.
    	* src/position.c (parse_pos_init) : Global position are permitted.
    	* src/parser.y : Large change.  Do not automaticlly look for function
    	  names or named expressions in the lexer.  The lexer returns STRING
    	  and QUOTED_STRING.  The parser then does the appropriate lookups to
    	  potentially convert to something else.  This allows us to have sheet
    	  names that are the same as functions.
    	* src/parse-util.c (cellref_name) : Add flag to optionally disable the
    	  addition of the sheet name.  This is useful when printing
    	  Sheet2!A1:A3 rather than Sheet2!A1:Sheet2!A3.
    	* src/number-match.c (format_create_regexp) : Handle fill formats.
    	* src/mstyle.c (mstyle_get_border) : Fix constness.
    	* src/mathfunc.c (combin, fact) : Moved these here from
    	* src/main.c (gnumeric_main) : No more constants_init, or
    	* src/func.c () : Reorg.  Remove some dead code.  Begin adding
    	  workbook local function support, Begin adding volatile, and
    	  semi-volatile functions.  Move the use of SymbolTable internal
    	  in preparation for eliminating it.
    	* src/format.c (format_number) : Improve support for pound, yen, and euro.
    	  Remember to produce a number when we hit spacing.
    	* src/expr.c : Have ExprFunc refer directly to the FunctionDefinition
    	  We still use a SymbolTable internally, but that will be merged out
    	* src/expr-name.c : Major reorg.  Not complete.
    	* src/corba-sheet.c (fill_corba_value) : Adjust to changes in
    	  cellref_name signature.
    	* src/commands.c (cmd_set_date_time_undo) : No need to manually call
    	  update_cell_flag.  cell_remove, and cell_set_text do that for us.
    	(cmd_set_date_time_redo) : Ditto.
    	  Use StyleFormat.
    	* src/clipboard.c (paste_cell) : Take the ExprRewriteInfo as an
    	(clipboard_paste_region) : Init the ExprRewriteInfo.  We need to do
    	  this here rather than in cell_relocate because we may be moving a
    	  region, not just a single cell, and references within the region
    	  should not be changed.
    	* src/cell.c (cell_relocate) : Take the relocation info as an
    	  argument.  Non NULL indicates a request to check bounds.  We can not
    	  do this at the cell level. becuase we may be moving a block rather
    	  than just a single cell, and references into the block should NOT be
    	(cell_set_text_and_value) : Take a StyleFormat.
    	(cell_assign_value) : Ditto.
    	(cell_set_value) : Ditto.
    	(cell_set_expr_internal) : Ditto.
    	(cell_set_expr_unsafe) : Ditto.
    	(cell_set_expr) : Ditto.
    	* src/auto-format.c (do_af_suggest) : Expression now refers directly
    	  to functionDef.
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