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    Checked error reporting in plugins. · 5a22e1df
    Jon Kåre Hellan authored
    In plugins/dif:
            * dif.c	(dif_write_workbook): Improve reporting.
    In plugins/ff-csv
    	* csv-io.c (csv_write_workbook): Ditto.
    In plugins/ff-stf
    	* dialog-stf.c (dialog_stf): Return -1 on cancel, 0 otherwise.
    In plugins/html
    	* roff.c (write_wb_roff): Check missing style.
    	(html_write_wb_roff_ps, html_write_wb_roff_dvi,
    	html_write_wb_roff_pdf, html_write_wb_roff): Check popen result.
    	(write_wb_roff): Add command context.
    	* epsf.c (epsf_write_wb): Call gnumeric_error_save on
    	* html.c (html_write_wb_html32, html_write_wb_html40): Ditto.
    	* latex.c (html_write_wb_latex, html_write_wb_latex2e)): Call
    	gnumeric_error_save on failure. Dont't panic on missing style.
    In plugins/lotus-123
    	* lotus.c (read_workbook): Add CommandContext.
    In plugins/oleo
    	* oleo.c (oleo_read): Really return 0 on success.
    In plugins/text
    	* text-io.c (text_write_workbook): Call gnumeric_error_save on
    In plugins/xbase
    	* boot.c: Ditto.
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