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Add more details on how to pair devices via Bluetooth

The page with more details is important because some of those features
are not known to end users ("cable pairing"), key combination are not
mentioned in the manual but in software ("BD remote") or multiple ways
to seemingly achieve the same thing are documented, but work in very
different ways ("Wiimote").

We might add more non-gaming devices to this list in the future.
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<desc>How to pair specific devices with your computer.</desc>
<title>Pairing instructions for specific devices</title>
<p>Even if you manage to source the manual for a device, it might not contain
enough information to make pairing possible. Here are details for a few common
<title>PlayStation 3 and 4 joypads</title>
<p>Those devices use “cable-pairing”. Plug the joypads in via USB with the
<gui>Bluetooth Settings</gui> opened, and Bluetooth turned on. You will get asked whether
to set those joypads up. Unplug them and press the PS button, to use them over
<title>PlayStation 3 BD Remote Control</title>
<p>Hold the “Start” and “Enter” buttons at the same time for around 5 seconds.
You can then select the remote in the devices list as usual.</p>
<title>Nintendo Wii and Wii U Remotes</title>
<p>Use the red “Sync” button inside the battery compartment to start the pairing
process. Other button combinations will not keep pairing information, so you would
need to do it all over again in short order. Also note that some software wants
direct access to the remotes, and, in those cases, you should not set them up in
the Bluetooth panel. Refer to the application's manual for instructions.</p>
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<link type="guide" xref="bluetooth" group="#last"/>
<link type="seealso" xref="bluetooth-device-specific-pairing" />
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neither your computer nor the device needs to be visible to communicate with
each other.</p>
<p>Devices without a display usually have a pairing mode that can be entered
by pressing a button, or a combination of buttons for a while, whether when
they've already been turned on, or as they are being turned on.</p>
<p>The best way to find out how to enter that mode is to refer to the device's
manual. For some devices, the procedure might be
<link xref="bluetooth-device-specific-pairing">slightly different from usual</link>.
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