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<name>Michael Hill</name>
<credit type="editor">
<name>Rafael Fontenelle</name>
<revision pkgversion="3.4.3" date="2012-06-15" status="review"/>
<revision pkgversion="3.13.91" date="2014-09-05" status="review"/>
<desc>Use <gui>Disk Usage Analyzer</gui> or <gui>System Monitor</gui> to
check space and capacity.</desc>
<desc>Use <gui>Disk Usage Analyzer</gui>, <gui>System Monitor</gui>, or
<gui>Usage</gui> to check space and capacity.</desc>
<include href="legal.xml" xmlns=""/>
<title>Check how much disk space is left</title>
<p>You can check how much disk space is left with <app>Disk Usage Analyzer</app>
or <app>System Monitor</app>.</p>
<p>You can check how much disk space is left with <app>Disk Usage Analyzer</app>,
<app>System Monitor</app>, or <app>Usage</app>.</p>
<section id="disk-usage-analyzer">
<title>Check with Disk Usage Analyzer</title>
......@@ -75,6 +79,29 @@
<section id="usage">
<title>Check with Usage</title>
<p>To check the free disk space and disk capacity with <app>Usage</app>:</p>
<p>Open the <app>Usage</app> application from the <gui>Activities</gui>
<p>Select <gui>Storage</gui> tab to view the system’s total <gui>Used</gui>
and <gui>Available</gui> disk space, as well as the used by the
<gui>Operating System</gui> and common user’s directories.</p>
<note style="tip">
<p>Disk space can be freed from user’s directories and its subdirectories
by checking the box next to the directory name.</p>
<section id="disk-full">
<title>What if the disk is too full?</title>
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