Commit 9d2f9942 authored by Rafael Fontenelle's avatar Rafael Fontenelle 🇧🇷 Committed by Shaun McCance

contacts-edit-details: Update and improve

- Update to 3.36.2, including menu button, update interface info
- Add tip on hidden fields
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......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
<revision pkgversion="3.8" date="2013-04-27" status="review"/>
<revision pkgversion="3.12" date="2014-02-26" status="candidate"/>
<revision pkgversion="3.18" date="2015-09-28" status="review"/>
<revision pkgversion="3.36.2" date="2020-08-11" status="review"/>
<credit type="author">
<name>Tiffany Antopolski</name>
......@@ -39,14 +40,18 @@
<p>Select the contact from your contact list.</p>
<p>Press <gui style="button">Edit</gui> in the top-right corner of
<p>Press the menu button in the top-right corner of the window and
select <gui style="button">Edit</gui>.</p>
<p>Edit the contact details.</p>
<p>To add a <em>detail</em> such as a new phone number or email
address, press <gui style="button">New Detail</gui> and select the field
that you want to add.</p>
address, just fill in the details on the next empty field of the
type (phone number, email, etc.) you want to add.</p>
<note style="tip">
<p>Press the bottommost button to expand available options,
revealing fields like <gui>Website</gui> and <gui>Birthday</gui>.</p>
<p>Press <gui style="button">Done</gui> to finish editing the
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