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......@@ -34,37 +34,37 @@
<table rules="rows" frame="bottom">
<tr xml:id="overview">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/3-finger-pinch.svg" width="256"/></p></td>
<td><title>Open the Activities Overview</title>
<td><p><em>Open the Activities Overview</em></p>
<p>Bring three or more fingers closer together while touching the screen.</p></td>
<tr xml:id="applist">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/edge-drag-right.svg" width="256"/></p></td>
<td><title>Open the Applications View</title>
<td><p><em>Open the Applications View</em></p>
<p>Slide right from the left screen edge.</p></td>
<tr xml:id="notifications">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/edge-drag-down.svg" width="256"/></p></td>
<td><title>Bring down the notifications list</title>
<td><p><em>Bring down the notifications list</em></p>
<p>Slide down from the top center edge.</p></td>
<tr xml:id="systemmenu">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/right-edge-drag-down.svg" width="256"/></p></td>
<td><title>Bring down the system menu</title>
<td><p><em>Bring down the system menu</em></p>
<p>Slide down from the top right edge.</p></td>
<tr xml:id="osk">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/edge-drag-up.svg" width="256"/></p></td>
<td><title>Bring up the on-screen keyboard</title>
<td><p><em>Bring up the on-screen keyboard</em></p>
<p>Slide up from the bottom screen edge.</p></td>
<tr xml:id="appswitch">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/3-finger-hold-and-tap.svg" width="256"/></p></td>
<td><title>Switch Application</title>
<td><p><em>Switch Application</em></p>
<p>Hold three fingers on the surface while tapping with the fourth.</p></td>
<tr xml:id="workspaceswitch">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/4-finger-drag.svg" width="256"/></p></td>
<td><title>Switch Workspace</title>
<td><p><em>Switch Workspace</em></p>
<p>Drag up or down with four fingers touching the screen.</p></td>
......@@ -77,17 +77,17 @@
<table rules="rows" frame="bottom">
<tr xml:id="tap">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/gesture-tap.png" width="96"/></p></td>
<td><title>Open an item, launch an application, play a song</title>
<td><p><em>Open an item, launch an application, play a song</em></p>
<p>Tap on an item.</p></td>
<tr xml:id="hold">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/gesture-hold.png" width="72"/></p></td>
<td><title>Select an item and list actions that can be performed</title>
<td><p><em>Select an item and list actions that can be performed</em></p>
<p>Press and hold for a second or two.</p></td>
<tr xml:id="drag">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/gesture-drag.png" width="128"/></p></td>
<td><title>Scroll the area on the screen</title>
<td><p><em>Scroll the area on the screen</em></p>
<p>Drag: slide a finger touching the surface.</p></td>
<tr xml:id="pinchstretch">
......@@ -95,22 +95,22 @@
<p><media type="image" src="figures/gesture-pinch-symbolic.svg" width="96"/>
<media type="image" src="figures/gesture-stretch-symbolic.svg" width="96"/></p>
<td><title>Change the zoom level of a view (<app>Maps</app>,
<td><p><em>Change the zoom level of a view (<app>Maps</app>,
<p>Two-finger pinch or stretch: Touch the surface with two fingers while bringing them
closer or further apart.</p></td>
<tr xml:id="rotate">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/gesture-rotate-anticlockwise-symbolic.svg" width="96"/>
<media type="image" src="figures/gesture-rotate-clockwise-symbolic.svg" width="96"/></p></td>
<td><title>Rotate a photo</title>
<td><p><em>Rotate a photo</em></p>
<p>Two-finger rotate: Touch the surface with two fingers and rotate.</p></td>
<tr xml:id="doubletap">
<td><p><media type="image" src="figures/4-finger-drag.svg" width="256"/></p></td>
<td><title>Tap twice in quick succession</title>
<td><p><em>Tap twice in quick succession</em></p>
<p>Stepped zoom in.</p></td>
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