Commit fc43f980 authored by Rui Matos's avatar Rui Matos Committed by John Stowers

Make GSettingsComboTweak react to changes on underlying setting
parent b52f07a7
......@@ -232,12 +232,25 @@ class GSettingsComboTweak(_GSettingsTweak):
if len(key_options):
assert len(key_options[0]) == 2
combo = build_combo_box_text(
self.combo = build_combo_box_text(
combo.connect('changed', self._on_combo_changed)
self.widget = build_label_beside_widget(, combo)
self.widget_for_size_group = combo
self.combo.connect('changed', self._on_combo_changed)
self.widget = build_label_beside_widget(, self.combo)
self.widget_for_size_group = self.combo
self.settings.connect('changed::'+self.key_name, self._on_setting_changed)
def _on_setting_changed(self, setting, key):
assert key == self.key_name
val = self.settings.get_string(key)
model = self.combo.get_model()
for row in model:
if val == row[0]:
def _on_combo_changed(self, combo):
_iter = combo.get_active_iter()
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