Commit f3af7c08 authored by Rui Matos's avatar Rui Matos

NEWS updates

parent 638c84ef
* Fix manual extension installation (John Stowers)
* Add tweak for window raise-on-click (John Stowers, 696890)
* Don't crash if gnome-shell is not running/installed (John Stowers, 696683)
* List extensions alphabetically (Thomas Leberbauer, 695170)
* Allow uninstalling / deleting extensions (Alex Muñoz, 695983)
* Show all XKB options except the ones in control center (Rui Matos, 691381)
* Fix g-t-t running in classic mode (Rui Matos, 694808)
* Translation updates
* Find a theme from XDG base directory spec (Jihyun Cho, 688028)
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