Commit 93d57f1f authored by John Stowers's avatar John Stowers

Add a singleton for managing xsettings overrides
parent 6e24744d
......@@ -246,6 +246,57 @@ class SchemaList:
s = Gio.Settings(i[1])
class XSettingsOverrides:
'Gtk/ShellShowsAppMenu': GLib.Variant.new_int32,
'Gtk/EnablePrimaryPaste': GLib.Variant.new_int32,
def __init__(self):
self._settings = Gio.Settings('org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings')
self._variant = self._settings.get_value("overrides")
def _dup_variant_as_dict(self):
items = {}
for k in self._variant.keys():
#variant override doesnt support .items()
v = self._variant[k]
items[k] = self.VARIANT_TYPES[k](v)
except KeyError:
return items
def _dup_variant(self):
return GLib.Variant('a{sv}', self._dup_variant_as_dict())
def _set_override(self, name, v):
items = self._dup_variant_as_dict()
items[name] = self.VARIANT_TYPES[name](v)
n = GLib.Variant('a{sv}', items)
self._settings.set_value('overrides', n)
def _get_override(self, name, default):
return self._variant[name]
except KeyError:
return default
#while I could store meta type information in the VARIANT_TYPES
#dict, its easiest to do default value handling and missing value
#checks in dedicated functions
def set_shell_shows_app_menu(self, v):
self._set_override('Gtk/ShellShowsAppMenu', int(v))
def get_shell_shows_app_menu(self):
self._get_override('Gtk/ShellShowsAppMenu', True)
def set_enable_primary_paste(self, v):
self._set_override('Gtk/EnablePrimaryPaste', int(v))
def get_enable_primary_paste(self):
self._get_override('Gtk/EnablePrimaryPaste', True)
if __name__ == "__main__":
gtweak.DATA_DIR = "/usr/share"
gtweak.GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR = "/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/"
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