Commit 7648509a authored by Jeremy Bicha's avatar Jeremy Bicha 🎹

appearance: Add Sound translatable string as placeholder

We may add a Sound theme dropdown box to the Appearance panel for 3.30.


This restores the "Sound" translatable string dropped earlier this week
in commit 02c7c0ac. We're adding the string now so that adding the new
dropdown box later won't require extra work from translators then.
parent da90dd31
......@@ -23,6 +23,11 @@ from gtweak.widgets import ListBoxTweakGroup, GSettingsSwitchTweak, GSettingsCom
_shell = GnomeShellFactory().get_shell()
_shell_loaded = _shell is not None
# This is a placeholder for a Sound Theme dropdown box for the Appearance panel.
# This will allow us to add the dropdown box later without needing a new
# translatable string.
sound_label = _("Sound")
class GtkThemeSwitcher(GSettingsComboTweak):
def __init__(self, **options):
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