Commit 1b1d4884 authored by John Stowers's avatar John Stowers

Changing suspend now works in both directions

parent cfd6be81
......@@ -91,14 +91,23 @@ class GSettingsComboEnumTweak(_GSettingsTweak):
self.widget_for_size_group = w
def _values_are_different(self, combo):
#to stop bouncing back and forth between changed signals
def _values_are_different(self):
#to stop bouncing back and forth between changed signals. I suspect there must be a nicer
#Gio.settings_bind way to fix this
return self.settings.get_string(self.key_name) != \
combo.get_model().get_value(combo.get_active_iter(), 0)
self.combo.get_model().get_value(self.combo.get_active_iter(), 0)
def _on_setting_changed(self, setting, key):
print "%s SETTING CHANGED: %s" % (key, self.setting.get_string(key))
assert key == self.key_name
val = self.settings.get_string(key)
model = self.combo.get_model()
for row in model:
if val == row[0]:
self.combo.set_active_iter(row.iter) #iter_ = self.combo.get_model().get_iter(row)
def _on_combo_changed(self, combo):
print "COMBO CHANGED", combo.get_model().get_value(combo.get_active_iter(), 0)
val = self.combo.get_model().get_value(self.combo.get_active_iter(), 0)
if self._values_are_different():
self.settings.set_value(self.key_name, val)
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