Commit 1a6b878c authored by Jeremy Bicha's avatar Jeremy Bicha 🎹


parent 84bd4d75
* Move Typing panel to Additional Layout Options dialog in
Keyboard & Mouse (Jeremy)
* Move Compose Key setting to Keyboard & Mouse dialog (Jeremy)
* Convert some settings to ListBoxes (Jeremy)
* Several other UI tweaks to match Design Team mockup (Alberto, Jeremy)
* Only show Top Bar page and Overview Shortcut if GNOME Shell is running
* Enable 'appmenu' window button when disabling App Menu (Jeremy)
* Use Ubuntu sort order for Left placement of window buttons (Jeremy)
* Fix "blank slate" for Extensions page (Florian)
* Drop build-time checks for run-time dependencies (Patrick)
Distributors, please see README for run-time dependencies
* Consistently use /usr/bin/env python3 shebangs (Patrick)
* Rewrite post-install script in Python (Patrick)
* Handle SIGINT (Ctrl+C) (Alex)
Jeremy Bicha, Alberto Fanjul, Patrick Griffis, Rui Matos,
Alex Muñoz, Florian Müllner
Jordi Mas [ca], Daniel Mustieles [es], Fabio Tomat [fur],
Gábor Kelemen [hu], Kukuh Syafaat [id], Baurzhan Muftakhidinov [kk],
Aurimas Černius [lt]
* Add "Battery Percentage" tweak (Alberto)
version: '3.25.2',
version: '3.25.3',
meson_version: '>= 0.40.0'
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