Commit 1829969c authored by Jeremy Bicha's avatar Jeremy Bicha 🎹


parent 72e5f6da
* Remove Global Dark Theme tweak. The option will be turned off when
the Applications theme is changed. (Jeremy)
* Stop requiring a GTK2 theme for Applications theme switcher. (Jeremy)
* Offer HighContrastInverse theme. (Jeremy)
* Don't show duplicate theme names. (Jeremy)
* Use string.format() instead of printf formatting (Khaled)
* Update copyright headers for REUSE Initiative Best Practices. (Jeremy)
* Update AppStream metadata. (Jeremy)
* Rename README to (Jeremy)
Jeremy Bicha, Khaled Hosny
Khaled Hosney [ar], Marek Cernocky [cs], Tim Sabsch [de],
Fabio Tomat [fur], gogo [hr], Борисав Живановић [sr]
3.26.3 3.26.3
====== ======
New bugfix release. New bugfix release.
project('gnome-tweak-tool', project('gnome-tweak-tool',
version: '3.26.3', version: '3.27.2',
meson_version: '>= 0.40.0' meson_version: '>= 0.40.0'
) )
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