Commit 16ff357b authored by Alex Muñoz's avatar Alex Muñoz Committed by John Stowers

Updated DarkThemeSwitcher

parent 1c9e9db7
......@@ -289,9 +289,9 @@ class ShellThemeTweak(Gtk.Box, Tweak):
#GSettingsSwitchTweak("Buttons Icons","org.gnome.desktop.interface", "buttons-have-icons"),
#GSettingsSwitchTweak("Menu Icons","org.gnome.desktop.interface", "menus-have-icons"),
Title("Theme", "", uid="title-theme"),
......@@ -80,18 +80,7 @@ def build_label_beside_widget(txt, *widget, **kwargs):
#construct their own widgets will need to set this themselves
if kwargs.get("desc"):
box = Gtk.Box(orientation=Gtk.Orientation.VERTICAL)
box.pack_start(hbox, False, False, 0)
desc = kwargs.get("desc")
lbl_des = Gtk.Label()
lbl_des.props.xalign = 0.0
lbl_des.set_markup("<span size='x-small'>"+desc+"</span>")
box.pack_start(lbl_des, False, False,0)
return box
return hbox
return hbox
def build_combo_box_text(selected, *values):
......@@ -428,7 +417,7 @@ class GSettingsFileChooserButtonTweak(Gtk.Box, _GSettingsTweak, _DependableMixin
class DarkThemeSwitcher(Gtk.Box, Tweak):
def __init__(self, **options):
Gtk.Box.__init__(self, orientation=Gtk.Orientation.HORIZONTAL)
Gtk.Box.__init__(self, orientation=Gtk.Orientation.VERTICAL)
Tweak.__init__(self, _("Enable dark theme for all applications"),
_("Enable the dark theme hint for all the applications in the session"),
......@@ -441,8 +430,21 @@ class DarkThemeSwitcher(Gtk.Box, Tweak):
title = _("Global Dark Theme")
description = _("Applications need to be restarted for change to take effect")
w.connect("notify::active", self._on_switch_changed)
build_label_beside_widget(title, w, desc=description, hbox=self)
hbox = Gtk.Box(orientation=Gtk.Orientation.HORIZONTAL)
hbox.props.spacing = UI_BOX_SPACING
lbl = Gtk.Label(title)
lbl.props.ellipsize = Pango.EllipsizeMode.END
lbl.props.xalign = 0.0
hbox.pack_start(lbl, True, True, 0)
hbox.pack_start(w, False, False, 0)
lbl_des = Gtk.Label()
lbl_des.props.xalign = 0.0
lbl_des.set_markup("<span size='x-small'>"+description+"</span>")
self.pack_start(hbox, False, False, 0)
self.pack_start(lbl_des, False, False,0)
self.widget_for_size_group = None
def _on_switch_changed(self, switch, param):
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