Commit 000396a7 authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner Committed by Jeremy Bicha

settings: Drop override settings support

Now that session-specific overrides landed in GIO, it is no longer
necessary to explicitly handle different defaults in GNOME and Classic.

parent d5e38855
......@@ -116,32 +116,9 @@ def build_tight_button(stock_id):
button.get_style_context().add_provider(provider, 600)
return button
def adjust_schema_for_overrides(originalSchema, key, options):
if (_shell is None):
return originalSchema
if (_shell.mode == 'user'):
overridesSchema = ""
overridesFile = ""
elif (_shell.mode == 'classic'):
overridesSchema = ""
overridesFile = None
return originalSchema
if (key in GSettingsSetting(overridesSchema, schema_filename=overridesFile).list_keys()):
options['schema_filename'] = overridesFile
return overridesSchema
except GSettingsMissingError as e:"GSetting missing %s", e)
return originalSchema
class _GSettingsTweak(Tweak):
def __init__(self, name, schema_name, key_name, **options):
schema_name = adjust_schema_for_overrides(schema_name, key_name, options)
self.schema_name = schema_name
self.key_name = key_name
self._extra_info = None
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