todo.txt: reenable plugin

Thanks to Kaushik, Todo.txt is now much more stable
and can be used.
parent 92fb227e
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ GNOME_TODO_ADD_PLUGIN([scheduled-panel], [Scheduled Panel], [yes])
GNOME_TODO_ADD_PLUGIN([score], [Score], [yes])
GNOME_TODO_ADD_PLUGIN([today-panel], [Today Panel], [yes])
GNOME_TODO_ADD_PLUGIN([unscheduled-panel], [Unscheduled Tasks Panel], [yes])
GNOME_TODO_ADD_PLUGIN([todo-txt], [Todo.Txt], [no])
GNOME_TODO_ADD_PLUGIN([todo-txt], [Todo.Txt], [yes])
dnl ***********************************************************************
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