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    project: Improved meson build port. · 407e7293
    Iñigo Martínez authored
    - Added ToDo website for PACKAGE_URL define.
    - Added generation of the enums schema.
    - Added a post install script for generating icon theme cache and
      compile different schemas.
    - Fixed documentation generation by using GTK prefixes.
    - Added mkdb_args, which will be available in the future meson
    - Removed unused meson build options.
    - Fixed plugins to be created as shared modules.
    - Removed listed headers.
    - Use i18n module instead of using custom targets.
    - Changed application data information install directory to the
      new proposed 'metainfo' directory.
    - Use pkgconfig module's generate function to generate pc file.
    - Raised meson required version to 0.41.0.
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