Commit bbbbd618 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

release: prepare for 3.1.1

parent d5cdea36
Reintroduce the dark theme variant
Add inset shades on various elements
Render the menus fill in dark
Tweak GtkSwitch inactive label color
Fix progressbar gradients and GtkCellRendererProgress
Improve the maximized windows titlebar height
Reduce vertical padding for most of the common widgets, requires GTK+ 3.0.9
Don't propagate an 1px separator width to the whole toolbar
Add icon-size property for NaTrayApplet
Remove the dark theme variant for 3.0
Fix gnome-terminal background
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
AC_INIT([gnome-themes-standard], [3.1.0],
AC_INIT([gnome-themes-standard], [3.1.1],
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.9 tar-ustar foreign dist-bzip2 no-dist-gzip])
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