Commit 484d6dd0 authored by Jakub Steiner's avatar Jakub Steiner

background: move from here to gnome-backgrounds

- default bg now ships with gnome-backgrounds instead
  where the lock screen was.
parent fa3e9399
......@@ -83,7 +83,6 @@ AC_CONFIG_FILES([
SUBDIRS = backgrounds metacity-1 gtk-3.0
SUBDIRS = metacity-1 gtk-3.0
SUBDIRS += gtk-2.0
backgrounddir = $(datadir)/themes/Adwaita/backgrounds
background_DATA = \
adwaita-timed.xml \
bright-day.jpg \
good-night.jpg \
metadata_in_files =
metadatadir = $(datadir)/gnome-background-properties
metadata_DATA = $( Makefile
$(AM_V_GEN) $(SED) -e 's^\@datadir\@^$(datadir)^g' < $(srcdir)/ > \
&& mv
adwaita-timed.xml: Makefile
$(AM_V_GEN) $(SED) -e 's^\@datadir\@^$(datadir)^g' < $(srcdir)/ > adwaita-timed.xml.tmp \
&& mv adwaita-timed.xml.tmp adwaita-timed.xml
noinst_DATA =
CLEANFILES = adwaita.xml adwaita-timed.xml
EXTRA_DIST = $(background_DATA)
<!-- This animation will start at 7 AM. -->
<!-- We start with sunrise at 7 AM. It will remain up for 1 hour. -->
<!-- Sunrise starts to transition to day at 8 AM. The transition lasts for 5 hours, ending at 1 PM. -->
<transition type="overlay">
<!-- It's 1 PM, we're showing the day image in full force now, for 5 hours ending at 6 PM. -->
<!-- It's 7 PM and it's going to start to get darker. This will transition for 6 hours up until midnight. -->
<transition type="overlay">
<!-- It's midnight. It'll stay dark for 5 hours up until 5 AM. -->
<!-- It's 5 AM. We'll start transitioning to sunrise for 2 hours up until 7 AM. -->
<transition type="overlay">
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE wallpapers SYSTEM "gnome-wp-list.dtd">
<wallpaper deleted="false">
<_name>Default Background</_name>
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