client: legacy: Validate startup ID as UTF-8

The --preferences codepath passes it as "s" variant to
the remove GtkApplication, so it must be UTF-8.
parent 29284ed9
......@@ -993,7 +993,11 @@ terminal_options_parse (int *argcp,
options->execute = FALSE;
const char *startup_id = g_getenv ("DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID");
options->startup_id = g_strdup (startup_id && startup_id[0] ? startup_id : NULL);
if (startup_id && startup_id[0] &&
g_utf8_validate (startup_id, -1, NULL))
options->startup_id = g_strdup (startup_id);
options->startup_id = NULL;
options->display_name = NULL;
options->initial_windows = NULL;
options->default_role = NULL;
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