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    client: legacy: Improve --tab behaviour to open a new tab in an existing window · 4f2d2a39
    Christian Persch authored
    An often-requested feature has been for "gnome-terminal --tab" to open a
    new tab in an existing window, see the discussion in bug 83203. While
    in general, when called from an external source, it's often unclear
    which window to choose, we can at least provide this when called from
    within gnome-terminal.
    For this, introduce some environment variables GNOME_TERMINAL_SERVICE
    that is the D-Bus unique name of the gnome-terminal-server instance for
    the terminal, and GNOME_TERMINAL_SCREEN that is the D-Bus object path
    for the D-Bus controller for that terminal.
    On the server side, these variables will be set for each terminal
    created in the environment of the child process.
    On the client side, these variables will be used to define which
    window the "--tab" option refers to. Also, optionally, when using
    the new "--print-environment" option, the client will print the
    corresponding variables for the *newly created* terminal.
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