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Added introduction to GNOME Terminal.
Explanation about GNOME Terminal's emulation behaviour
sourced from old DocBook help pages.

Added explanation about xterm emulation.

Added screenshot of GNOME Terminal.
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<desc>Introduction to GNOME <app>Terminal</app></desc>
<p>GNOME Terminal is a terminal emulation application that you can use to access a UNIX shell environment and run any application available under GNOME Desktop environment.</p>
<p>GNOME <app>Terminal</app> emulates the xterm. In turn, xterm emulates a text terminal with support for escape sequences that control cursor position and colors.</p>
<media type="image" src="figures/gnome-terminal.png" width="700">
<p>Screenshot of GNOME <app>Terminal</app></p>
<tr><td><p><em>GNOME Terminal</em></p></td></tr>
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