Commit efa02a72 authored by Benoît Dejean's avatar Benoît Dejean

Released 2.21.5.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=2278
parent eb3a364c
New in 2.21.5 - 14 January 2008
* A lot of changes: 64 revisions since 2.21.4 !
* Uses more stock menu entries.
* application-x-executable is now the default icon.
* New color pickers in the resources tab.
* Many graphs improvements. Special thanks to Toby Dacre.
* The Network graph now shows a sensible Y-scale.
* The process list can now be manually refreshed.
* Fixed kernel process' tooltips.
* etc
New in 2.21.4 - 18 December 2007
* 'Arguments' column is now correctly escaped for markup. Josh Lee.
Closes #498569.
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