Commit 7484244e authored by Antoine Jacoutot's avatar Antoine Jacoutot Committed by Robert Roth

properties: better display for empty cgroup and selinux props

Match the output of non available writable memory and display "N/A"
instead of an empty string or (null).
parent d5584bb6
......@@ -98,10 +98,10 @@ fill_proc_properties (GtkWidget *tree, ProcInfo *info)
{ N_("Nice"), g_strdup_printf("%d", info->nice)},
{ N_("Priority"), g_strdup_printf("%s", procman::get_nice_level(info->nice)) },
{ N_("ID"), g_strdup_printf("%d", info->pid)},
{ N_("Security Context"), g_strdup_printf("%s", info->security_context)},
{ N_("Security Context"), info->security_context?g_strdup_printf("%s", info->security_context):g_strdup(_("N/A"))},
{ N_("Command Line"), g_strdup_printf("%s", info->arguments)},
{ N_("Waiting Channel"), g_strdup_printf("%s", info->wchan)},
{ N_("Control Group"), info->cgroup_name?g_strdup_printf("%s", info->cgroup_name):g_strdup("")},
{ N_("Control Group"), info->cgroup_name?g_strdup_printf("%s", info->cgroup_name):g_strdup(_("N/A"))},
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