Commit 0716998f authored by Robert Roth's avatar Robert Roth

Prepared release 3.23.2

parent 1ea64e99
New in 3.23.2 - 21 November 2016
* added/updated translations
gogo (hr)
Milo Casagrande (it)
Kjartan Maraas (nb)
Boyuan Yang (zh_CN)
Piotr Drąg (pl)
Mario Blättermann (de)
Marek Černocký (cz)
Fabio Tomat (fur)
Daniel Mustieles (es)
List of fixed bugs
Fixed typo in Spanish translation headers (Jeremy Bicha)
Use real widget types, eliminate downcasting (Artem Vorotnikov)
Remove deprecated GtkAlignments (Benoit Dejean)
Use relative positions to the labels to attach the net pickers (Benoit Dejean)
Port to Gio::Settings (Artem Vorotnikov)
Fixed menu popup problems (Robert Roth)
773016 Cgroup reform (Artem Vorotnikov, Benoit Dejean)
Simplified resource view structure (Robert Roth)
Use unicode in translatable strings (Piotr Drąg)
Do not use deprecated calls (Robert Roth)
New in 3.22.0 - 19 September 2016
* added/updated translations
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
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