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      Prepare 3.34.1 · 3d43e636
      Michael Catanzaro authored
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      Check visibility of earmark picker properly · 2f3fb414
      shak-mar authored
      See show_earmark_picker() in the same source file.  The earmark picker
      is actually shown inside the earmark_popover.  Only the earmark_popover
      is hidden when it loses focus, while the earmark picker always has
      visibility true, which makes the check useless.
      This fixes #33, which was caused by
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      Add missing spaces in number-picker.vala · cb9bdcf8
      shak-mar authored
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      Place numbers in number picker as on numpad · 3db33eb2
      shak-mar authored
      Now that it's common to open a number picker and then press a number on
      the numpad, it's very annoying that the placement of the numbers don't
      correspond properly:  This makes it easy to get confused, because you
      look at the number to press on the number picker, but you need to press
      a key that is located differently on your keyboard.
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      Make undo and redo hide the value/earmark popovers · 5485cc3c
      shak-mar authored
      The bug fixed by this commit got a little bit more visible due to
      "89e7bc1f Handle earmarks properly in undo/redo (shak-mar, 2019-07-09)",
      because it is more apparent with the earmark popover;  however, the bug
      was also present before:
      1. Enter a value into a cell that was previously empty
      2. Open the value popover of the cell again (Now it shows a "clear"
      3. Press the undo button.  Now the value disappears from the cell, but
         the "clear" button remains, which is an inconsistent state.
      One way to fix this would be to update the popovers whenever things
      change underneath.  The other way, implemented by this commit, is to
      simply hide the popover whenever undo/redo is called.
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      Handle earmarks properly in undo/redo · 89e7bc1f
      shak-mar authored
      Before this commit, undo/redo didn't know anything about earmarks.  This
      can lead to annoyances in real-world usage of the application:  Imagine
      you set some earmarks on a cell and then think some of those numbers
      should be the real value.  So you set the value to be what you want, but
      shortly afterwards notice that it was nonsense actually.  So you undo,
      but now the earmarks you set before are lost!  This is not what undo
      should be like.
      In addition to the value a cell has, we now simply also save the
      earmarks.  Whenever you change something, the value and earmarks the
      cell had before the change are saved onto the undo stack.  Whenever you
      undo/redo, the earmarks are set appropriately.
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      Enable/disable the earmarks only once · 118efcae
      shak-mar authored
      As it turns out, calling earmark_picker.set_earmark leads to set_active
      being called on a ToggleButton that has a piece of code listening on its
      "toggled" signal[1] that in turn emits the "earmark_state_changed"
      signal, which in turn is listened to in sudoku-view, where then the
      earmarks were enabled/disabled a second time.
      [1]: The ToggleButton sends "toggled" whenever set_active is called,
      see: https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/GtkToggleButton.html#gtk-toggle-button-set-active
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      Remove superfluous parameter from update_undo · b6758b54
      shak-mar authored
  25. 07 Jul, 2019 1 commit
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      Set an earmark instead of the value if earmark picker is active · 1e8ebc84
      shak-mar authored
      If you left-click, a value picker opens;  if you right-click, an earmark
      picker opens.  Let's call the resulting states "value mode" and "earmark
      Before this commit, this was the mapping from user input to action:
                                      value mode                  earmark mode
      click number                    set value                   set earmark
      press (keyboard) number         set value                   *set value*
      ctrl-press (keyboard) number    set earmark                 set earmark
      This commit changes the entry marked with *stars* to become "set
      earmark":  If the user right-clicked to enter earmark mode, pressing a
      number should set an earmark.
      Note that I do not propose to change the "set earmark" in value mode if
      the user presses control:  In that case, the explicit (because ctrl is
      pressed) intent of the user is to set an earmark.
      This enables a hybrid mouse-keyboard usage of the application:  Use the
      mouse to select which cell you want to edit (faster than arrow keys),
      and use the keypad on your keyboard to select which number you want to
      put there (faster than clicking the number).
      Previously, if you wanted to select a cell with the mouse and then set
      an earmark, you would need to press control on the keyboard too, which
      is very uncomfortable.
  26. 06 Jul, 2019 1 commit