Commit fbe9a6df authored by Michael Biebl's avatar Michael Biebl Committed by Michael Catanzaro

Use correct name for always-show-hints GSettings key

When gnome-sudoku was converted from GConf to GSettings all keys were
updated to use '-' instead of '_' but the code wasn't updated
accordingly everywhere.
parent 1de9d80b
......@@ -531,11 +531,11 @@ class UI:
self.cleared_notes.append((self.tinfo.current_tracker, self.gsd.clear_notes(side)))
# Turn off auto-hint if the player clears the bottom notes
if side == 'Bottom' and self.settings.get_boolean('always_show_hints'):
if side == 'Bottom' and self.settings.get_boolean('always-show-hints'):
always_show_hint_wdgt = self.main_actions.get_action('AlwaysShowPossible')
# Update the case we're redoing a clear of them
if self.settings.get_boolean ('always_show_hints'):
if self.settings.get_boolean ('always-show-hints'):
def undo_clear_notes(self):
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