Commit f84d9742 authored by Gabor Kelemen's avatar Gabor Kelemen

Undo last change, video with text should be kept localizable

parent 5c9ef5a8
<page xmlns=""
type="topic" style="task"
......@@ -56,8 +55,8 @@ Trackers can be used to keep track of trial-and-error solutions. Tracked moves a
<section id="demo">
<title>Video Demonstration</title>
<media type="video" width="650" mime="application/ogg" src="figures/trackers.webm" its:translate="no">
<tt:tt its:translate="yes" xmlns:tt="">
<media type="video" width="650" mime="application/ogg" src="figures/trackers.webm">
<tt:tt xmlns:tt="">
<tt:div begin="1s" end="5s">
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