Commit e12102f7 authored by Meg Ford's avatar Meg Ford

add icons

parent 97cc0505
icondir = $(datadir)/icons/
nobase_icon_DATA = \
hicolor/16x16/apps/gnome-sound-recorder.png \
hicolor/22x22/apps/gnome-sound-recorder.png \
hicolor/24x24/apps/gnome-sound-recorder.png \
hicolor/32x32/apps/gnome-sound-recorder.png \
hicolor/48x48/apps/gnome-sound-recorder.png \
EXTRA_DIST = $(nobase_icon_DATA) hicolor/gnome-sound-recorder.svg
gtk_update_icon_cache = gtk-update-icon-cache -f $(datadir)/icons/hicolor;
install-data-hook: update-icon-cache
uninstall-hook: update-icon-cache
@-if test -z "$(DESTDIR)"; then \
echo "Updating Gtk icon cache."; \
$(gtk_update_icon_cache); \
else \
echo "*** Icon cache not updated. After (un)install, run this:"; \
echo "*** $(gtk_update_icon_cache)"; \
-include $(top_srcdir)/
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