Commit 3585eae8 authored by Yosef Or Boczko's avatar Yosef Or Boczko Committed by Meg Ford

App menu: standardize Preferences/About/Quit

Add a separatoe between the preferences menu and the
about and quit menus. and replace "About Sound Recorder"
with "About".

Signed-off-by: Meg Ford's avatarMeg Ford <>
parent 73e4426e
......@@ -59,9 +59,13 @@ const Application = new Lang.Class({
_initAppMenu: function() {
let menu = new Gio.Menu();
menu.append(_("Preferences"), 'app.preferences');
menu.append(_("About Sound Recorder"), 'app.about');
let section = new Gio.Menu();
menu.append_section(null, section);
section.append(_("Preferences"), 'app.preferences');
section = new Gio.Menu();
menu.append_section(null, section);
section.append(_("About"), 'app.about');
let preferences = new Gio.SimpleAction({ name: 'preferences' });
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