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  7. 31 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      extras: Fix button handling for apps in UNAVAILABLE state · b68366e5
      Kalev Lember authored
      When we have an app in UNAVAILABLE state, it can mean two things:
       a) it's a "not found" app created in the extras page; in this case we
          need to handle the "Visit website" button
       b) it's an app that's from enabled=0 enabled_metadata=1 repo; in this
          case we are handing "Install..." button and first ask for
          confirmation whether to enable the repo as well
      Fixes: #587
  8. 30 Jan, 2019 1 commit
  9. 29 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      flatpak: Make sure origin is set before adding an app to plugin cache · 5ae9f78b
      Kalev Lember authored
      If we have an app available from more than one remote, and also have
      an installed app with * origin in the plugin cache, we end up always
      returning the same instance when doing the plugin cache lookup. This
      leads to the source selection drop down in the details page not working
      as we never get any alternates, always just the same installed instance
      back from the plugin cache.
      This commit fixes this by making sure the origin part of the unique ID
      is set when we add installed apps to the plugin cache.
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  12. 26 Jan, 2019 10 commits
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    • Kalev Lember's avatar
      flatpak: Remove some error prefixes · 4db7f4dd
      Kalev Lember authored
      They made the error notifications super long and hard to read, for
      Unable to install "Eye of GNOME":
      failed to add install ref app/org.gnome.eog/x86_64/stable:
      org.gnome.eog/x86_64/stable is already installed from remote fedora
      This commit simplifies it so it just reads:
      Unable to install "Eye of GNOME":
      org.gnome.eog/x86_64/stable is already installed from remote fedora
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    • Kalev Lember's avatar
      app row: Drop flatpak (Nightly) suffix · ed6302c5
      Kalev Lember authored
      We now coalesce same app IDs together when searching and instead have a
      source selection drop down in the details page to choose which one to
      install, which means that the app row Nightly suffix doesn't work to
      distinguish the apps any more.
      In addition, it's super confusing when the app has already added a
      Nightly prefix and we now add a suffix as well.
    • Kalev Lember's avatar
      details page: Don't do any filtering when getting alternates · 5638cfa7
      Kalev Lember authored
      So that even when the ID, version, and source match, we still show
      different alternates from different origins.
      Fixes: #547
    • Kalev Lember's avatar
      flatpak: Match origin when searching appstream · 73f3f421
      Kalev Lember authored
      When parsing system installed appstream data for packages we usually
      have one appstream file that covers multiple repos (e.g.
      /usr/share/app-info/xmls/fedora.xml.gz and "fedora", "updates",
      "updates-testing" repos). In this case, when parsing the appstream we
      can't set app origin based on the appstream origin as there is no
      one-to-one mapping from appstream origin to the repo where the package
      actually comes from.
      For flatpaks, however, we always have per-remote appstream data and we
      need to keep track of the origin to match the correct app from the
      correct remote. If we don't do that then we end up refining flatpak apps
      with the first entry that appstream finds, which may be from a wrong
      This is harmless when only one repo provides each flatpak app, but as
      soon as we have two (e.g. Flathub and Fedora) we need to make sure to
      match the correct appstream entry with the correct flatpak.
      This regressed in commit d3648252 that took out the origin adding in
      gs_appstream_create_app(). This commit now adds it back and makes it
      work again for the new libxmlb parsing code.
      Partially fixes: #547
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      Update Japanese translation · 5681c042
      Ryuta Fujii authored
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      Update Japanese translation · da869807
      Ryuta Fujii authored
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      Update Japanese translation · aca793de
      Ryuta Fujii authored
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      Update Japanese translation · 7fe72986
      Ryuta Fujii authored
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