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Release version 3.20.2

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Validate with `appstream-util validate *.appdata.xml`
<release version="3.20.2" date="2016-04-24">
<p>This stable release fixes the following bugs:</p>
<li>Allow popular and featured apps to match any plugin</li>
<li>Do not make the ODRS plugin depend on xdg-app</li>
<li>Fix many of the os-upgrade issues and implement the latest mockups</li>
<li>Fix several issues when running on Unity</li>
<li>Make all the plugins more threadsafe</li>
<li>Return all update descriptions newer than the installed version</li>
<li>Show some non-fatal error messages if installing fails</li>
<li>Use a background PackageKit transaction when downloading upgrades</li>
<p>This release also updates translations.</p>
<release version="3.20.1" date="2016-04-11">
<p>This stable release fixes the following bugs:</p>
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