Commit 70719760 authored by Kalev Lember's avatar Kalev Lember

update dialog: Avoid crashing when the dialog is quickly closed

Be more careful to avoid dereferencing priv variables in an async
callback handler, which can be called when the dialog is in dispose and
the priv variables have all already been cleared to NULL.

Note that this needs fixing in many more places, but this particular
crash is a top F30 crasher.
parent 8ff12e84
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......@@ -245,19 +245,21 @@ get_installed_updates_cb (GsPluginLoader *plugin_loader,
g_autoptr(GsAppList) list = NULL;
g_autoptr(GError) error = NULL;
gs_stop_spinner (GTK_SPINNER (dialog->spinner));
/* get the results */
list = gs_plugin_loader_job_process_finish (plugin_loader, res, &error);
if (list == NULL) {
if (g_error_matches (error,
/* This should only ever happen while the dialog is being closed */
/* if we're in teardown, short-circuit and return immediately without
* dereferencing priv variables */
if (g_error_matches (error, GS_PLUGIN_ERROR, GS_PLUGIN_ERROR_CANCELLED) ||
dialog->spinner == NULL) {
g_debug ("get installed updates cancelled");
gs_stop_spinner (GTK_SPINNER (dialog->spinner));
/* error */
if (list == NULL) {
g_warning ("failed to get installed updates: %s", error->message);
gtk_stack_set_visible_child_name (GTK_STACK (dialog->stack), "empty");
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