Commit 67642bce authored by Kalev Lember's avatar Kalev Lember

rpm-ostree: Override COMPULSORY quirk for layered packages

Remove the COMPULSORY quirk set in appstream data for layered packages
as these are always supposed to be removable.
parent 1ad78a33
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......@@ -925,9 +925,12 @@ resolve_packages_app (GsPlugin *plugin,
if (g_strcmp0 (rpm_ostree_package_get_name (pkg), gs_app_get_source_default (app)) == 0) {
gs_app_set_version (app, rpm_ostree_package_get_evr (pkg));
gs_app_set_state (app, AS_APP_STATE_INSTALLED);
if (!g_strv_contains ((const gchar * const *) layered_packages,
rpm_ostree_package_get_name (pkg))) {
/* on rpm-ostree this package cannot be removed 'live' */
if (g_strv_contains ((const gchar * const *) layered_packages,
rpm_ostree_package_get_name (pkg))) {
/* layered packages can always be removed */
gs_app_remove_quirk (app, GS_APP_QUIRK_COMPULSORY);
} else {
/* can't remove packages that are part of the base system */
gs_app_add_quirk (app, GS_APP_QUIRK_COMPULSORY);
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