Commit 086f4b4b authored by Adam Williamson's avatar Adam Williamson

Ensure generic-updates plugin runs after packagekit-refine

9eab0108 made generic-updates
check the 'scope' and 'kind' for a package update before adding
it to the generic 'OS Updates' "app" which is used to display
updates for packages that aren't appdata-ified. The 'scope' and
'kind' for package updates are set by packagekit-refine...but
that change did not ensure that generic-updates runs *after*
packagekit-refine. This can result in gnome-software failing to
'see' these generic updates on a first update scan, and only
picking them up on a retry. To fix this, we should ensure that
packagekit-refine runs before generic-updates. 's avatarAdam Williamson <>
parent 057eea7c
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......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ void
gs_plugin_initialize (GsPlugin *plugin)
gs_plugin_add_rule (plugin, GS_PLUGIN_RULE_RUN_AFTER, "appstream");
gs_plugin_add_rule (plugin, GS_PLUGIN_RULE_RUN_AFTER, "packagekit-refine");
static gboolean
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