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packagekit: Add support for the new action-state info enums

Matthias Klumpp requested to merge wip/mak/pk-future-status-enums into main

Hi! This patch is meant to address #2519 (closed) - I could not properly reproduce the behavior locally, but maybe @sid can help there and confirm that this patch helps.

The key issue is very likely that update_system_filter_cb was overly rigid validation and needed information about action-states in order to allow the update to happen. Previously (prior to 1.3.0) PackageKit emitted simulation results as progress-states (installing, removing, ...) which caused localization issues as well as problems with certain backends (mostly APT) in GNOME Software). So action-states (install, remove, ...) were introduced to fix that, but those cause a bit of trouble, since GS does not know them and interprets them basically as "this update can not be performed".

This patch should fix that when GS is compiled against a newer PK :-)

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