Commit bacce5e2 authored by Matthew Leeds's avatar Matthew Leeds

flatpak: Add app to be uninstalled to txn cache

This mirrors what we do for install operations, and ensures that the
GsApp object used by the GsFlatpakTransaction will be the same one which
was passed to gs_plugin_app_remove(), which prevents this warning:

Gs-WARNING **: 21:05:06.803: application
user/flatpak/chiron1-origin/desktop/org.test.Chiron/master left in
removing helper
parent c0b9c4fd
Pipeline #180192 passed with stage
in 4 minutes and 13 seconds
......@@ -590,6 +590,11 @@ gs_plugin_app_remove (GsPlugin *plugin,
gs_flatpak_error_convert (error);
return FALSE;
/* add to the transaction cache for quick look up -- other unrelated
* refs will be matched using gs_plugin_flatpak_find_app_by_ref() */
gs_flatpak_transaction_add_app (transaction, app);
ref = gs_flatpak_app_get_ref_display (app);
if (!flatpak_transaction_add_uninstall (transaction, ref, error)) {
gs_flatpak_error_convert (error);
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