Commit 9eab0108 authored by Kalev Lember's avatar Kalev Lember

generic updates: Only put packages in the OS Update item

Make sure we don't put flatpaks in the OS Update item as this is by
design only for hiding low level system package updates.

flatpaks use online updates and packages use offline updates; if we mix
them up in a single OS Update item this breaks the updates page where
we're supposed to group online and offline updates separately.

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......@@ -33,10 +33,16 @@ gs_plugin_initialize (GsPlugin *plugin)
static gboolean
gs_plugin_generic_updates_merge_os_update (GsApp *app)
/* this is only for grouping system-installed packages */
if (gs_app_get_bundle_kind (app) != AS_BUNDLE_KIND_PACKAGE ||
gs_app_get_scope (app) != AS_APP_SCOPE_SYSTEM)
return FALSE;
if (gs_app_get_kind (app) == AS_APP_KIND_GENERIC)
return TRUE;
if (gs_app_get_kind (app) == AS_APP_KIND_SOURCE)
return TRUE;
return FALSE;
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