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      Keep similar theme nodes so we don't have to recompute CSS so often · dc2ec0a8
      Simon McVittie authored
      Because we calculate and cache CSS properties once per StThemeNode,
      and only a certain set of attributes can affect the CSS properties,
      it's advantageous for as many widgets as possible to share a single
      StThemeNode. Similarly, if a widget changes state and then changes back
      (e.g. gaining and losing the :hover pseudo-class), it should ideally
      get its original StThemeNode back again when it returns to the old
      Here, I'm using the StThemeContext as the location for a cache.
      StThemeNodes are currently never freed: this seems OK for Shell's usage
      (a finite number of IDs, classes, pseudo-classes and types).
      Bug: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=687465Reviewed-by: Jasper St. Pierre's avatarJasper St. Pierre <jstpierre@mecheye.net>
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      Add support for inline styles · 6527dbc8
      Owen W. Taylor authored
      Add support for passing an inline-style string when creating a
      Hook this up to a new 'style' property of StWidget.
      Add a test case that demonstrates using this to update font sizes
      on the fly.
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      Import stylesheet code from hippo-canvas · 276d9a93
      Owen W. Taylor authored
        HippoCanvasTheme      => StTheme
        HippoCanvasThemeImage => StThemeImage
        HippoCanvasStyle      => StThemeNode
      StThemeContext is a new class managing the theme for a stage and
      global properties like resolution.
      test-theme.c is a newly written test program to do verification of the
      style matching and property handling rules.
      Various changes are made in the import:
       - Comprehensive reindentation
       - guint32 pixels replaced with ClutterColor
       - General pseudo-class support added
       - Old-fashioned (non-bordered) background image support added, though
         with no support for repeat, etc.
       - Bug fixes for problems revealed by test program