Commit d2dc072b authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner Committed by Florian Müllner

appMenu: Remove separator in window section

We currently copy the app icon menu behavior, which puts a separator
between windows from the current workspace and windows from any other
workspace. It is more useful to have the windows section appear as a
clearly marked group, so drop the separator.

parent ffaca005
......@@ -174,13 +174,6 @@ class AppMenu extends PopupMenu.PopupMenu {
Main.activateWindow(window, event.get_time());
// Add separator between windows of the current desktop and other windows.
let workspaceManager = global.workspace_manager;
let activeWorkspace = workspaceManager.get_active_workspace();
let pos = windows.findIndex(w => w.get_workspace() != activeWorkspace);
if (pos >= 0)
this._windowSection.addMenuItem(new PopupMenu.PopupSeparatorMenuItem(), pos);
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