Commit b1de1ada authored by Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode

gdm: fix empty user list on user switching

There's some vestigial code for hiding the user list
that runs at the same time its parent is hidden.

Only the parent should be hidden, at this point, so
there's situations where the user list hides and
never comes back.

This commit fixes that, by deleting the vestigial code.
parent 1002bbc2
......@@ -1086,18 +1086,11 @@ const LoginDialog = new Lang.Class({
_onUserListActivated: function(activatedItem) {
let tasks = [function() {
return GdmUtil.cloneAndFadeOutActor(this._userSelectionBox);
function() {
this._user = activatedItem.user;
let batch = new Batch.ConcurrentBatch(this, [new Batch.ConsecutiveBatch(this, tasks),
let batch = new Batch.ConcurrentBatch(this, [GdmUtil.cloneAndFadeOutActor(this._userSelectionBox),
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