Commit aac01f1c authored by verdre's avatar verdre Committed by Florian Müllner

status/network: Compare icon name to NULL instead of empty string

Since the last commit we set the gicon property of StIcon to NULL if an
empty string was given when setting the icon name, this means
`st_icon_get_icon_name()` will return NULL instead of an empty string.

When `getIndicatorIcon()` returns an empty string, the icon_name
property will now be set to NULL, so compare it to NULL here.

parent 8b155191
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......@@ -2069,6 +2069,6 @@ class Indicator extends PanelMenu.SystemIndicator {
this._vpnIndicator.icon_name = this._vpnSection.getIndicatorIcon();
this._vpnIndicator.visible = this._vpnIndicator.icon_name != '';
this._vpnIndicator.visible = this._vpnIndicator.icon_name !== null;
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