Commit 7ddf54c4 authored by Adel Gadllah's avatar Adel Gadllah

appWellMenu: Show the "new window" item for non running apps

There is no reason to not display it, and from a user's point of view the
distinction is confusing.
parent cc728195
......@@ -548,10 +548,9 @@ AppIconMenu.prototype = {
let isFavorite = AppFavorites.getAppFavorites().isFavorite(;
this._newWindowMenuItem = windows.length > 0 ? this._appendMenuItem(_("New Window")) : null;
this._newWindowMenuItem = this._appendMenuItem(_("New Window"));
if (windows.length > 0)
this._toggleFavoriteMenuItem = this._appendMenuItem(isFavorite ? _("Remove from Favorites")
: _("Add to Favorites"));
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