Commit 3d4ba028 authored by Marco Trevisan's avatar Marco Trevisan 🎺

boxpointer: Don't trigger a relayout when updating arrow side

Changing the arrow side might need to reposition the boxpointer, however
if this happens during allocation, we don't need to trigger a new relayout since
we'd set the new allocation once _updateFlip's _reposition call is terminated,
otherwise if the position has changed, changing the boxpointer coordinates
will trigger a relayout anyways.

parent 5481c189
......@@ -671,10 +671,6 @@ var BoxPointer = GObject.registerClass({
if (this._arrowSide != arrowSide) {
this._arrowSide = arrowSide;
Meta.later_add(Meta.LaterType.BEFORE_REDRAW, () => {
return false;
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