Commit 3d39b32a authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner

Revert "windowManager: Use new reorder_workspace() API"

It's too easy to break, so revert to the old code until we
figure out a fix.

This reverts commit ff9bb539.

parent 6205d5eb
Pipeline #121936 passed with stages
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......@@ -1212,9 +1212,41 @@ var WindowManager = class {
if (!Meta.prefs_get_dynamic_workspaces())
let newWs = workspaceManager.append_new_workspace(
false, global.get_current_time());
workspaceManager.reorder_workspace(newWs, pos);
workspaceManager.append_new_workspace(false, global.get_current_time());
let windows = global.get_window_actors().map(a => a.meta_window);
// To create a new workspace, we slide all the windows on workspaces
// below us to the next workspace, leaving a blank workspace for us
// to recycle.
windows.forEach(window => {
// If the window is attached to an ancestor, we don't need/want
// to move it
if (window.get_transient_for() != null)
// Same for OR windows
if (window.is_override_redirect())
// Sticky windows don't need moving, in fact moving would
// unstick them
if (window.on_all_workspaces)
// Windows on workspaces below pos don't need moving
let index = window.get_workspace().index();
if (index < pos)
window.change_workspace_by_index(index + 1, true);
// If the new workspace was inserted before the active workspace,
// activate the workspace to which its windows went
let activeIndex = workspaceManager.get_active_workspace_index();
if (activeIndex >= pos) {
let newWs = workspaceManager.get_workspace_by_index(activeIndex + 1);
this._blockAnimations = true;
this._blockAnimations = false;
keepWorkspaceAlive(workspace, duration) {
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