Commit 2a9977a5 authored by Marco Trevisan's avatar Marco Trevisan 🎺 Committed by Florian Müllner

layout: Don't use the actors pick workaround on update regions

As per introduction of geometric picking in mutter [1], the workaround we
had consisting in picking all the actors to ensure that all the stage
projections were computed to get valid actors stage-transformed coordinates
and sizes is not working anymore as there is more caching involved.

However since this can be now handled properly in mutter [2], initializing a
valid projection matrix since the beginning, we can get rid of the

[1] mutter@14c706e5
[2] mutter!803

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......@@ -1015,11 +1015,6 @@ var LayoutManager = GObject.registerClass({
if (Main.modalCount > 0)
// Bug workaround - get_transformed_position()/get_transformed_size() don't work after
// a change in stage size until the first pick or paint.
global.stage.get_actor_at_pos(Clutter.PickMode.ALL, 0, 0);
let rects = [], struts = [], i;
let isPopupMenuVisible = global.top_window_group.get_children().some(isPopupMetaWindow);
let wantsInputRegion = !isPopupMenuVisible;
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