Commit 21565773 authored by verdre's avatar verdre Committed by Florian Müllner

slider: Unset signal IDs when ending the slider drag

Unset the signal IDs we connected to when starting the drag. Otherwise
we get error messages if a touch drag is ended after a mouse drag
happened because the signal IDs are still set but no signals are

parent f3e09b2b
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......@@ -100,10 +100,15 @@ var Slider = GObject.registerClass({
_endDragging() {
if (this._dragging) {
if (this._releaseId)
if (this._releaseId) {
if (this._motionId)
this._releaseId = 0;
if (this._motionId) {
this._motionId = 0;
if (this._grabbedSequence != null)
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