Commit 0f531d8c authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie Committed by Florian Müllner

ShellApp: Use g_signal_connect_object for window signals

A window being unmanaged can cause the ShellApp to be removed from
the ShellAppSystem, which if we are unlucky is the app's last
reference, causing it to be disposed and freed. It would be bad if this
happened before we finished handling the signal.

Use g_signal_connect_object to ensure that a reference is held to
the ShellApp for the duration of the signal handler, delaying its

In particular, when a signal handler calls _shell_app_remove_window(),
there is a brief period for which ShellApp breaks the intended
invariant (see !497) that app->running_state is non-NULL if and only if
app->running_state->windows is also non-NULL (non-empty). Freeing the
ShellApp at this point would cause a crash. This seems likely to be the
root cause of <#750>,
<#822> and
Signed-off-by: 's avatarSimon McVittie <>
parent 218c8799
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......@@ -1069,9 +1069,9 @@ _shell_app_add_window (ShellApp *app,
app->running_state->window_sort_stale = TRUE;
app->running_state->windows = g_slist_prepend (app->running_state->windows, g_object_ref (window));
g_signal_connect (window, "unmanaged", G_CALLBACK(shell_app_on_unmanaged), app);
g_signal_connect (window, "notify::user-time", G_CALLBACK(shell_app_on_user_time_changed), app);
g_signal_connect (window, "notify::skip-taskbar", G_CALLBACK(shell_app_on_skip_taskbar_changed), app);
g_signal_connect_object (window, "unmanaged", G_CALLBACK(shell_app_on_unmanaged), app, 0);
g_signal_connect_object (window, "notify::user-time", G_CALLBACK(shell_app_on_user_time_changed), app, 0);
g_signal_connect_object (window, "notify::skip-taskbar", G_CALLBACK(shell_app_on_skip_taskbar_changed), app, 0);
shell_app_update_app_actions (app, window);
shell_app_ensure_busy_watch (app);
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