Commit 00091a2a authored by Jasper St. Pierre's avatar Jasper St. Pierre

st-theme-context: Make icon theme changes a bit more efficient

There's no need to destroy and recreate the root node for an icon theme
change. Just emit the CHANGED signal.
parent c5aa834b
......@@ -129,13 +129,19 @@ on_stage_destroy (ClutterStage *stage)
g_object_unref (context);
static void
emit_changed (StThemeContext *context)
g_signal_emit (context, signals[CHANGED], 0);
static void
st_theme_context_changed (StThemeContext *context)
StThemeNode *old_root = context->root_node;
context->root_node = NULL;
g_signal_emit (context, signals[CHANGED], 0);
emit_changed (context);
if (old_root)
g_object_unref (old_root);
......@@ -148,8 +154,9 @@ on_icon_theme_changed (StTextureCache *cache,
/* Note that an icon theme change isn't really a change of the StThemeContext;
* the style information has changed. But since the style factors into the
* icon_name => icon lookup, faking a theme context change is a good way
* to force users such as StIcon to look up icons again */
st_theme_context_changed (context);
* to force users such as StIcon to look up icons again. Don't bother recreating
* the root node, though. */
emit_changed (context);
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