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    ci: Remove pot file test · 8993de76
    Florian Müllner authored
    A recent Docker image update broke the test, as xgettext now prints
    the following warning:
    warning: a fallback ITS rule file '/usr/share/gettext-0.21/its/metainfo.its'
    is used; it may not be in sync with the upstream
    That is completely unrelated to what the test is meant to catch and
    could be fixed by adding appstream to the image, but considering that
     - the test didn't actually catch the last template string regression
     - we no longer allow template strings in files that include translatable
       strings (and enforce that with a CI job)
     - as of gettext 0.20.2, the template handling really really is fixed
       (we'll see)
    let's remove the test rather than piling up more stuff in the container
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